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We hope this FAQ's will help you find an answer to your question.

What is Building Rank company?
Building Rank is a company that has a team of engineering professionals specialized in inspecting existing buildings, buildings under construction, and planned construction projects. They offer a range of services tailored to the condition of the building.
What services does Building Rank offer?
1- Comprehensive inspection. 2- Moisture and water leakage inspection. 3- Electrical system inspection. 4- Specialized structural inspection. 5- Quality control and quality assurance services. 6- Project management.
What are the advantages of obtaining reports for the inspection of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings (BCA, PCA & FCA)?
1- Assisting in making an informed purchasing decision for individuals or entities interested in property ownership through purchase. 2- Providing a negotiating advantage within a document that adheres to international and local standards. This empowers the prospective buyer to negotiate based on the presented value or allows the seller (owner) to maintain a firm position on the value. 3- Assisting property owners and engineers in making sound decisions during processes such as redesign, change of utility, or renovation. This provides them with a comprehensive understanding of all existing systems within the building, their efficiency, locations, and the possibility of repurposing them, if applicable, to align with the final design of the building. 4- Working towards improving the quality of construction work carried out on-site during the construction phase and ensuring its compliance with international and local standards. This is done to achieve the highest level of sustainability for the building.. 5- Providing a comprehensive understanding of maintenance work scheduling for buildings in the short and long term. This helps in effectively planning and executing maintenance activities to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of the building. 6- Preparing operational cost reports for buildings. This involves analyzing the cost factors associated with operating the building, including utilities, maintenance, repairs, and other ongoing expenses. These reports assist in budgeting and managing the operational costs of the building efficiently.
What are the standards that are relied upon during the inspection process?
The team relies on the following standards: - ASTM E2018 standard for evaluating buildings, properties, and facilities. - ASTM E1527-13 standard for assessing and studying the surrounding environment and the building's location. - The Jordanian National Code.
What are non-destructive and destructive testing, and when are they used?
Destructive testing refers to tests and inspections that are conducted on an element by causing damage or alteration to it in order to detect a problem. These tests are expensive and not preferred for general use unless non-destructive testing methods are not applicable. On the other hand, non-destructive testing includes various methods and techniques that are non-damaging and non-altering to the elements. Examples of non-destructive testing methods include visual inspection, X-ray examination, ultrasonic testing, and more.
How many points are inspected inside the building?
The inspection team inspects over 700 points inside residential buildings and may reach up to 3000 points in commercial and industrial facilities, depending on the number and diversity of systems inside the facility.
What distinguishes Building Rank company ?
1- Inspection is conducted using specialized equipment, meaning that the assessment is not purely theoretical but relies on the expertise of the inspector and the output of various inspection devices. 2- The company utilizes computer programs developed and built within Building Rank, which adhere to international and local standards, to avoid any potential human errors. 3- Verified data is provided, including results from device imaging and real-life images of observed damages. 4- A comprehensive treatment plan is provided for damaged elements, including recommendations, materials to be used, their application method, and estimated cost for each item. 5- Quick response in receiving and scheduling inspection requests, as well as making payment through the company's website. 6- Fast turnaround time for inspection reports and technical support provided by the inspection team, addressing any inquiries related to the inspection process, whether during or after the inspection. 7- A qualified and specialized engineering team is assigned to each discipline, trained according to international standards.
What is the cost of the inspection?
The prices for comprehensive inspections range from 170 Jordanian Dinars to 280 Jordanian Dinars, depending on the apartment's size. If the apartment size exceeds 300 square meters, a price offer will be provided. As for specialized inspections, the cost of electrical leakage inspection is 100 Jordanian Dinars, while moisture and leakage inspection costs 150 Jordanian Dinars for an apartment and 220 Jordanian Dinars for an independent house (villa). Regarding structural inspections, the cost for residential buildings is 250 Jordanian Dinars. If the area requiring structural inspections is larger than the residential building's area, a special price offer will be provided.
What guarantees does Building Rank provide in the inspection?
The inspection conducted by our specialized team reflects the current state of the building at the time of the inspection. Building Rank ensures the comprehensiveness of the report for all building elements and the accuracy of the data provided for the inspected elements.
Is the report clear for a service requester who is not familiar with the engineering sector?
It is not necessary for the service requester to have an engineering background to understand and interpret the points in the report. The report is designed for all categories, and it is graded based on engineering expertise and references to international and standard specifications.
What if I requested the service but the engineering team was unable to perform the work upon their arrival at the scheduled time due to circumstances on my part as the service requester?
When the engineering team arrives at the inspection site, they will wait for ten minutes to be received before leaving the site. The inspection appointment will be rescheduled, and you will be informed of the new appointment. However, before the engineering team goes to the new appointment, half of the inspection fee must be paid.
What types of buildings do Building Rank services cover?
1- Residential buildings and structures. 2- Commercial buildings. 3- Industrial buildings.
Who are the target audiences for the inspection of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings?
1- Current owners of buildings or structures, either for maintenance purposes or to ensure the safety and integrity of all existing works. 2- Potential buyers interested in purchasing a specific building. 3- Engineers and engineering firms seeking to renovate or repurpose a building or property (for design purposes, change of use, or renovation). 4- Contractors aiming to enhance the efficiency and quality of the assigned works by conducting periodic tests and inspections, and ensuring their compliance with international standards and manufacturers' recommendations for the materials used. 5- Owners (whether individual owners, developers, or real estate investors) who are embarking on or in the middle of a construction project. They can benefit from conducting regular tests and inspections on the works being carried out by the contractor(s) and receiving necessary guidance to improve performance and enhance the efficiency of the ongoing construction activities.
Who is the inspection team and what is the working mechanism on-site?
The team consists of a minimum of three engineers (civil, mechanical, and electrical) who visit the site to conduct a comprehensive examination of all interior and exterior elements. This is done using specialized equipment, with over 30 specialized devices distributed among the team's areas of expertise.
What does Building Rank rely on in the inspection process?
Our inspection teams at Building Rank follow non-destructive testing standards, which means that no damage is caused to the building components as long as initial indicators do not necessitate the need for destructive testing.
What are the elements that the team examines?
- Studying the surrounding environment of the building (site topography, measurement of carbon monoxide and dioxide, noise level, electromagnetic waves, availability of essential services, etc.). - Verifying the exterior finishes of the building (building envelope). - Inspecting the structural system. - Ensuring the interior finishes (walls, floors, ceilings, etc.). - Examining the architectural structure and spatial distribution of elements (stairs, corridors, service areas). - Reviewing horizontal surface systems (waterproofing and thermal insulation). - Reviewing mechanical systems (ventilation and air conditioning). - Reviewing plumbing systems. - Reviewing electrical systems. - Inspecting vertical transportation systems (elevators, escalators, moving walkways). - Conducting specialized inspections such as moisture detection, electrical energy leakage, heat leakage, etc.
What is the duration of the inspection inside the building, and are there any preemptive measures that the building owner must take (such as evacuation or clearing of items)?
The inspection inside the building usually takes 4-8 hours, depending on the area to be inspected, and the building owner does not need to take any preemptive measures.
What is meant by 700 inspection points?
The main elements inside the building are divided into the smallest element that can be placed on the international measurement standard.
How can I request the service?
Requests for residential buildings can be made by contacting us through the phone numbers provided on the website or by using the "Book Appointment" option on the website and filling out the required fields for booking. You can also add and send us any relevant photos for the engineering team to review. We will then contact you to confirm the appointment before the scheduled visit. As for commercial and industrial buildings, initial coordination is done for a preliminary visit with primary objectives based on field survey and data collection. General data is collected, and then a financial and technical proposal is prepared and sent to the client.
What is the quality control service?
It is agreed upon either during the construction phase or prior to it, where Building Rank is responsible for all testing operations conducted inside the building. This includes verifying and inspecting the materials used, as well as testing them. The site workers are then directed on the optimal method of implementation, followed by conducting the tests and issuing a test certificate to the service requester.
Can I object to the report's results?
You have the right to object if there is a contradiction between some or all of the report's contents and the actual situation on the ground. If this contradiction is proven to be due to a deficiency on the part of the inspection team, you can request a reinsertion.
What should I do if I want an explanation of something in the report that is not clear to me?
The team leader of the inspection will be present to answer any inquiries and clarify any points mentioned in the report.
Can I cancel the inspection appointment if I no longer wish to receive the service? What is the procedure in such a case?
You can cancel the inspection by notifying the company at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.

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